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How to Master the CACFP AR

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4 hours

Course description:

This training describes the Administrative Review (AR) process and provides valuable information for users with the goal to increase knowledge of the CACFP AR process, increase confidence in meeting program requirements and oversight, provide tips for organizing and providing all requested documents at the start of the AR, and provide useful tips to avoid AR findings.

This course is self-paced, not instructor led.

Access to the Internet and a valid email address.

This course requires no face-to-face classroom instruction. Lessons will be available via the course web site. You will complete the course lessons whenever it is most convenient for you. You may work on lessons at any time of the day or night on any day of the week. This course is estimated to take 4 hours to complete. The course web site will track the completion of each lesson and assignment. You will be able to exit the course without completing it and pick up where you left off at any time.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand who mandates the completion of Administrative Reviews (AR) for all participating CACFP operators
  • Know the CACFP site types and the number of sites selected for the AR
  • Know the changes to the AR related to COVID-19 waiver flexibilities and how this will impact the facility and the monitoring portion of the review
  • Understand that the entrance conference includes a discussion of the compliance areas, required documentation, and summary of the facility visits
  • Know that the exit conference may include findings of noncompliance, submission of corrective action documents, commendations, and notes on areas of technical assistance provided
  • Understand what fiscal action can be taken in response to noncompliance related to program accountability
    Identify CACFP resources to train CACFP operators
  • Identify the documents required for the Financial Viability compliance area of the AR
  • Avoid common AR findings
  • Share CACFP tips to expedite the AR process
  • Know where to find helpful CACFP resources
  • Identify the documents required for the compliance areas of procurement, program resources, policies and procedures, and pricing programs of the AR
  • Use CACFP tips to expedite the AR process
  • Identify the documents required for the compliance areas of Enrollment, Eligibility, Tiering for Day Care Homes, and Meal Counting of the Administrative Review
  • Recognize how to avoid common AR findings
  • Recall helpful CACFP tips to expedite the review process
  • Identify the documents required for the compliance areas on Licensing, Meal Requirements, and Fiscal Accountability
  • Identify the documents required for compliance with the areas of training, facility review, safety and sanitation, and civil rights of the AR

Means of developing competencies:

  • Online presentations with voice narration and interactivity Workbook that complements online course content
  • Online resources available through internet links
  • Downloadable resources
  • Quizzes

Course completion requirements:
In order to complete this course successfully, you must complete all of the course assignments and score an 80% or higher on the final examination.

Click to view the workbook (Google Doc)

If you choose to print the workbook it can serve as a good way to take notes with pen or pencil while viewing the presentations in each lesson.